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I can't wait to see everyone on October 24th. The Reunion committee has been working hard to make this event happen and we have had a lot of fun doing it. We hope it is a fun and memorable event for everyone who can attend. If you can't come in October please check back on this website for more updates, photos and information about your classmates.

We intend to keep this website going as long as we have sponsors to help us pay for it. This first year Dave Van Poppelen donated the fee. Thanks for everything Dave!

I can't begin to thank Doug Gonzalez for stepping up to pay for the security deposit at our venue -Poplar Creek - back in October 2019 and then coming up with the idea of subsidizing the ticket prices so more people could afford to attend. We are so lucky to have such a great alum amongst us.

And huge thanks to Matt Ogburn, Eric DuPraw, Steele Harris and several anonymous donors for their generous sponsorships as well.

As for me, I still live in Half Moon Bay (33 years) and have 2 sons and one granddaughter. We lost my beautiful daughter Gabi to breast cancer April 11, 2019. She has been my motivating force for organizing this reunion. Time goes by much too fast. Let's all seize the day and live a good life for those who didn't get the chance to grow old.

I work at Community Bank of the Bay gathering deposits and lending to small and medum sized businesses. If you care about how your deposits are invested - think about an FDIC insured account at CBB. Your money will only be used for local investments, green sustainable projects through our Bay Area Green Fund- or used to support local creatives like Fantastic Negrito who used a CBB loan to finish his newest Jazz album and then went on to win the Grammy. Communty Bank of the Bay - Different. On Purpose. 650-868-7149
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