Sponsorship Questions:
Doug Wildman doug.a.wildman@gmail.com 415-407-5933

Ticket Questions:
MattOgburn matthewmogburn@gmail.com 

Want to volunteer?
Doug Wildman  doug.a.wildman@gmail.com 650-407-5933

Your Reunion Committee:
Carol (McCrory) Martin, Chair
Doug Gonzalez
Cate (Cathy Altrochi) Tilleka
Kate Ague
Treasury & Finance:
Karen Kouzoujian, Chair
Doug Wildman
Matt Ogburn
Steele Harris
Matt Ogburn
Yanette (Fichou) Edwards
Doug Wildman
Eric Dupraw
Pamela (Slate) Brunson
David VanPoppelen

Special assignment:                Bill Softky

We have been working on planning your reunion since October 2019. We all realize life has drastically changed. But we also know we will make it to the other side of this by staying in touch, keeping calm and looking to the future. We hope this event will help us heal and enjoy memories of a simpler time.