Pop-A-Lock Franchise

Unlock Your Real Earning Potential with Freedom, Wealth & Control

With a Pop-A-Lock Franchise.

Our established, proven system is already working for franchisees in more than 4500 communities across America as well as in Canada and Australia – the next success story could be yours! A Pop-A-Lock® Franchise is a great opportunity to generate ongoing income and create true wealth.

Pop-A-Lock Franchise

Why Pop-A-Lock Franchise?

  • Proven Systems – Pop-A-Lock provides a proven method of doing business (the operating system), a brand and trademark that will have value in the eyes of the customer based on execution of the operating system, and the initial and ongoing support you receive from the Franchisor so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful.
  • Predictable Results – A franchise system should also provide group buying power to cut your operating expenses, faster growth due to tested marketing programs, predictable results based on your adherence to the operating system and less risk of your invested capital, as Pop-A-Lock does.
  • Safety – For the franchisee, franchising is about risk reduction and safety. You give up the lack of structure associated with being an “independent owner” to become part of a group of people committed to building a brand and dominating markets, as Pop-A-Lock does, using a solid, tested and proven formula.

Pop-A-Lock Franchise

World Class Training & Support

We’re your strategic business partner.

When you join the Pop-A-Lock team you are gaining a business partner that will provide you with all the tools needed to launch a successful franchise quickly and efficiently. In addition, start-up costs are low, we provide you with proprietary equipment and training – and no locksmithing experience is necessary.

Marketing Tools That Give You the Edge

Everything you need to succeed.

We’ve been developing and refining our marketing and advertising tools and strategies for more than 15 years – and we share our years of strategies & expertise with every franchisee.

  • Full force of our advertising & marketing department available
  • Attractive, professional creative with on-point messaging
  • Digital marketing & social media consultants available
  • National toll free dispatch number
  • Trust-building community service programs

“The franchisor is always working to give us leads for our Pop-A-Lock business, whether they are actual clients in certain industries or additional revenue opportunities in the lock-smithing. It helps to know that you have a team behind you, who’s constantly working to help you succeed in your business.”

Edwin and Carmela Castro


“Pop-A-Lock™ changed my life! I was able to buy a brand new home for my family, a brand new truck. I got to take my son to the World Series. You can make as much money as you want!”

Shawn Vestel


“My franchise will be successful because I built it with guts, determination, focus, and an immense fondness for what Pop-A-Lock™ does.”

Russ Beechly


“The Franchisor has done a fantastic job and has really raised the bar in positioning Pop-A-Lock™ as the industry leader we are.”

Ron and Debra Vice


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