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Lapels Cleaners has been defining “The Future of Dry Cleaning®” for over two decades. We are known to be the recognized leader in the $13 Billion dry cleaning and laundry industry providing our customers with hassle-free, convenient and superior service.

Find the Right Business Model that is Right for Your Investment Level

PICKUP AND DELIVERY – Route Only (No Store); Investment – $40,050 to $68,200

SATTELITE STORE – Brick & Mortar + Delivery; Investment – $91,502 to $206,212

PLANT WITH RETAIL STORE – Brick & Mortar Production; – Investment – $391,031 to $710,122

LAUNDROMAT – Coin-op, Full-Service Laundry, Dry Clean Drop Store; Investment – $320,884 to $592,210

CONVERSIONS – Converting your current dry cleaning operation to Lapels

Lapels Cleaners Franchise


The Dry Cleaning Industry has seen many advancements through the years and Lapels Cleaners has led this changing landscape. We are proud of our sustainability promise, through our partnership with Greenearth® Cleaning, to provide the World’s only 100% environmentally non toxic dry cleaning process. Technology and convenience are at the heart of our operations including, 24/7 lockers system, mobile application, residential and corporate free pick up and delivery and bar coding of garments for garment tracking.

Be part of a stable business model that is not a fad and will be around for a lifetime.

  • There is low cost of goods,
  • There is no inventory required
  • We offer a flexible business model that allows you to start at various entry points and easily scale your business
  • We provide multiple revenue streams beyond dry cleaning and laundry through ancillary services such as: W/D/F, home and office delivery, tailoring and alterations, leather & suede cleaning, shoe repair, heir-looming and household items.
  • You benefit from national pricing on everything from POS hosting to supplies
  • You benefit from marketing on autopilot that delivers new customers to you directly via SEO, social media, reputation management and online listingsYou have training and ongoing support from a corporate team

Our Lapels program also includes modern day conveniences coupled with savvy technology to manage everything you need at your fingertips. We take pride in being environmentally safe, which is better for you, your clothes and the environment.

Lapels Cleaners Franchise


1. Will you assist me in finding a successful location in the market of my interest?

Yes. The Lapels Cleaners real estate department gets to work immediately after signing your agreement. We take a collaborative approach to helping you find and secure a location with a local real estate professional. We use analytics to help determine the viability of a location within a certain radius to insure your success.

2. Can I open more than 1 Lapels location?

Yes, in fact most of our franchisees own more than 1 location. The Lapels Cleaners Hub and Spoke franchise model makes it affordable and easy to scale additional locations to be serviced by your Lapels Cleaners facility.

3. Do I need dry cleaning experience?

You do not need dry cleaning experience. We will train you the Lapels way which is different than most dry cleaning operations today. You will learn all aspects of the Lapels opportunity but we don’t want you to be a dry cleaner we want you to be a business owner.

4. What qualities do you look for in a successful Lapels Franchisee?

There are several qualities that we look for in each of our candidates

  • A strong Entrepreneurial drive to be successful
  • Someone who is comfortable meeting the public and being the face of the business
  • Someone who has a sales skillset
  • Someone who can manage finances
  • Must be good at Multi Tasking
  • Service Centric
  • The ability to learn the Lapels way, follow and train a proven and successful business mode.

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